Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – Leonardo da Vinci

Veloxxity provides a wide range of staffing services to meet your specific requirements to include cleared personnel and Highly Qualified Experts (HQE)’s. Our top-down approach to understanding your strategy, goals and objectives helps us to assist you in defining your requirements and designing & implementing a solution that delivers real value.

Staffing Services
  • Contract/Temporary Staffing Services - Clients may contract for employees to work on an as-needed basis when their projects have special or excess workloads.

  • Contact to Direct Hire - Clients is able to utilize a contract employee for a period of time and assess their capabilities on the job. The client may determine the need to permanently hire a contract employee and is able to do so through Veloxxity.

  • Direct Hire - Veloxxity offers recruiting for direct hire to our clients and guarantees no charges or fees to our employees.

  • Outsourced Staffing - Clients have the need to staff a portion of a project (defined task) off site. Veloxxity is able to house and manage the needed personnel through completion of the task.

  • Payroll Services - Veloxxity is able to payroll/hire any of the clients specified candidates at a much reduced cost and allow the client to contract for their services.
Veloxxity provides recruiting services for a full range of professional and technical positions in most any industry. Contact us with your requirements today!